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Learning Interface Overview


  • The menu is broken down into program chapters (or modules)
  • Click on any chapter title in the menu to open that chapter
  • Each chapter is divided into sections
  • Click on any section title in the menu to open that section
  • Click on any clip in a section to view it
  • Note the icons to the left of the menu items.
  •    - A blue diamond means that the section has not been viewed yet.
  •    - A yellow circle means that the section has been viewed but not completed
  •    - A green check-box means that the section has been completed



The Search box allows you to search for content within the course. This is a very handy feature as you can type in a word or words, click “Go” and the results will return a list of all clips related to that word(s). The results window shows you a brief capture of the text related to the clip. You can scroll through this list to find the text closest to your interest. Clicking on the “Go” arrow to the right of the search result brings you to that section and clip. If you decide you would rather return to where you were, simply click the back button in your browser.



(click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the screen)

The Preferences item allows you to set your “Bookmarking” preference (the ability to come back to the point where you last exited the course).  By default, bookmarking is turned on, so that you automatically return to the last visited clip. If you would like to return to the beginning of the course you can do so by using the menu, or at any time, you can change this preferences so that it automatically brings you back to the beginning each time you open the course.



The Transcript item opens a window to display a text transcript of the voiceover instructions for the clip you are viewing. You can copy text from this window and paste it to your notes for future reference.



(click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen)

The “Notes” item allows you to add notes to any clip in the course meaning that for each clip you can save notes to remind yourself about important details or concepts within that clip. You can return to these notes and add to them at any time. You can also add hyperlinks to the Internet from here if you want to save your own reference links.

Important Note: You must click the “Save Note to User Records” button on the upper right of the Notes window before leaving the page to save your notes for later review. 



The rich media window is where all video, animation and audio occurs. There is a control bar below the rich media window that allows you to pause the animation/video, or scroll through the clip to find a particular spot. You can also reduce the audio or mute it. If you mute the audio here it only affects the current clip.

In this window you will also see exercise content. This could be text related to the rich media, or an exercise or activity that allows you to test your knowledge of information you have learned.

At the lower right of the Exercise Area you will see a forward and backward button. The forward button to move on through the course work and the back button allows you to review the previous clip.

Just below these buttons you will see two print buttons. The left hand button will open a new window containing a printer friendly version of all the content in this clip (if the window does not open check to ensure that you do not have a pop-up blocker preventing new windows form opening). The right hand button allows you to print the current screen as you see it.



This site supports both English and French languages. You can set your preferred language in your , or if a page displays a flag icon, you can click this icon to view that translation of the page.